Kakadu Fleecy Inliner Vest, fits in most jackets

Climate control - Aussie style. You've got your favorite Kakadu jacket, you love it and you wear it all the time but the weather has taken a decided turn towards the downright bloody freezing. No need to hang up your old friend for the season just grab a thick, warm Fleecy Wool Liner which buttons in to the built-in liner facility and you'll be ready to get back out there faster than it took to make a cuppa.

The new Fleecy Liner has a cover of black canvas, so you can also wear it as a vest.

Material: Cotton aand Wool blend

The Fleecy Wool Liner fits into most Kakadu jacket and coats, just follow the guide below to see which one is right for you. 

S - fits XS & S   //   M - fits M & L   //   L- fits XL & XXL   //   XL - fits 3XL

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