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Outdoor angler vest with many bags and network backs | Remaining item

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Cape Conran belongs in our multifunctional vests. Cut with the Delta or Traveler vest, the Conran is something for airy realms.

 Due to the processed material in weight, a light oiled cotton is still water -repellent and breathable. If necessary, the vest can be treated with our WAX Article 3A04/ 3A06. The entire back is made of network, which also makes it wearable in summer, without having to do without the countless pockets. We have 9 front bags, 2 zip pockets, insert pockets on the sides, 2 inside pockets and of course the holster pockets on both sides. The bags are designed in such a way that nothing or very little can be seen outside. That is the idea behind concealed carry. It must not and should not be visible that something is worn inside. For those who have no weapon to wear, the Holster is also perfect for mobile phones or other important things. The pockets can be closed to lose the risk of losing a little. They are also huge, you can make a whole picnic disappear.

About Microwax

Our Microwax products are completely water -repellent and wind -protected. The difference between Oilskin and wax is that the raw material is already running through hot oil in production and then it is rapidly cooled within minutes, so the oil can pull completely into the fiber and is not only applied superficially as when the finished product is growing. Despite the water -repellent protection, the material remains breathable. For cleaning Oilskin products, simply with cold water and wash or brush. Please note that even hand -warm water can already loosen the oil.

Material: 100% cotton, back area made of polyester

  • Breast circumference: XS: 87 cm-s: 92 cm- m- m- l: 102 cm- XL: 107 cm XXL: 112 cm- 3xl: 117 cm- 4xl: 11 cm- 5xl: 127 cm
  • To the material: The towels are all made from 100% cotton threads. The raw fabric is Egyptian cotton, which weighs a maximum of 160gr./ m2 as raw mass. In order to maintain even quality in appearance and under control, only cloth surfaces with a constant size are used during processing.