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Rain-resistant outdoor vest with many bags up to size 5XL | Multifunctional with D-ring and zipper bags | brown

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✅ Multifunctional - the robust outdoor vest for all possible activities. Whether hiking, fishing, hunting, gardening, leisure or work. Absolutely suitable for everyday use.

✅ Many bags - if you want or have to have a lot of things, you will get them stowed away here. In addition, there is the large `rabbit pocket 'on the back.

✅ Water repellent - the Oilskin cotton treated with wax keeps you dry for a long time. If necessary, it can be re -impregnated with the right wax at any time.

✅ Freedom of movement - the short cutting form and the side zippers enable maximum freedom of movement. And from XS to 5xl there is something for everyone.

✅ Natural fiber - except for the leather collar made entirely of cotton, the vest does not require without synthetic materials. This and the high -quality workmanship make them so durable.

The Kakadu Traveler outdoor vest protects you in all outdoor life situations. Whether when fishing, hiking or even work clothing, the Traveler vest offers a lot of bags for everything important directly on the "man"

Two large pockets, each with two intervention bags below. Two zipper bags on the front. A total of 6 small pockets in the chest area close with Velcro fasteners. Inside pocket on the right and left and an extra large "rabbit pocket" on the back.

The vest itself is cut briefly, so that the freedom of movement is not limited, we also used side zippers to get space if necessary. Due to the material used, the oiled cotton, the vest is water -repellent and breathable and protects you even in bad weather. If necessary, the vest can be treated with our microwax.

Material: 100% cotton


About Microwax

Our Microwax products are completely water -repellent and wind -protected. The difference between Oilskin and wax is that the raw material is already running through hot oil in production and then it is rapidly cooled within minutes, so the oil can pull completely into the fiber and is not only applied superficially as when the finished product is growing. Despite the water -repellent protection, the material remains breathable. For cleaning Oilskin products, simply with cold water and wash or brush. Please note that even hand -warm water can already loosen the oil.

About the material: The towels are all made from carded cotton. Cardiac yarn is a high quality feature. It stands for the process in the unknown but good three -cylinder yarn from long -starked cotton threads, washed with the help of a card and freed from contaminants. The end result is a fleece material, which is then processed into the actual cotton cloth. This cotton has a high quality standard.