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Children cowboy hat beach hat with chin band sun protection for boys and girls

Children cowboy hat beach hat with chin band sun protection for boys and girls

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✅Light and airy-Cowboy hat in suede look for children. With ventilation soles in the hat Block for optimal air circulation.

✅Kinnband included - to prevent the hat from flying away in the wind, the hat band is directly included here. Self -adhesive inner ligament for the optimal size adjustment is included.

✅Cooling and waterproof - just dip the summer hat in the water for the extra cooling. The material is stable and cools the head even in the sun for hours.

✅Sun protection factor UPF 50+ - With a clamping width of approx. 8 cm and a bloc of approx. 10 cm, not only the head is optimally protected from high sunlight. The perfect companion for hiking, camping, grilling & fishing or on the beach.

✅Optimal size -CA. 52-53 cm, suitable for girls and boys, ideal head protection or as a cladding in carnival, carnival or simply when playing

The soaca kids for children is indispensable on hot days. The classic can be diving into the water for the extra cooling. Due to the material used super light, perfect for summer, already delivered with chin tape. Sun protection UPF 50+.

material: 100% microfiber

Microfiber is the collective drawing for synthetic fibers with very fine structures that are processed into fabrics that are light, heat and moisture-ranging and hardly or not at all. Microfibers are not a natural product, they are made from synthetic or natural components, including polyester, nylon, acrylic or cellulose. It is best to maintain the material with fine detergent and lukewarm water to remove stains. It is essential to pay attention to the mechanics, i.e. the rubbing, to keep as low as possible, otherwise the area rubs up. With a fine hair brush, under no circumstances metal, the fine fibers can be erected again.

Kakadu hats or as we often call them mates (buddy)- come in all possible colors and shapes, so we are sure that the right thing is also for you!

But let's start from the beginning. Before we choose something, we certainly make that the hat also fits. After all, he should sit comfortably.

Take a tape or a stable thread and put it around your head so that it lies over the eyebrows and about 1 cm above the ears. Under no circumstances pull the tape too tight, remember, the hat should sit comfortably.

Then follow the size table to determine your correct size.

Very important, all of our hats are made by hand and can also vary within the size, in addition there is the respective material thickness. If you are unsure, in case of doubt, call us or write an email, pass through your measure and we measure your hat before we send it to you.



100% Mikrofaser


Mikrofaser ist die Sammelbezeichnung für Kunstfasern mit sehr feinen Strukturen, die zu Stoffen verarbeitet werden, die leicht, wärme- und feuchtigskeitsregulierend sind sowie kaum oder gar nicht fusseln. Mikrofasern sind kein Naturprodukt, sie werden aus synthetischen oder natürlichen Bestandteilen hergestellt, dazu gehören zum Beispiel Polyester, Nylon, Acryl oder Zellulose. Am Besten zu Pflegen ist das Material mit Feinwaschmittel und lauwarmen Wasser um Flecken zu beseitigen. Unbedingt darauf achten die Mechanik, also das Reiben, so gering wie möglich zu halten sonst reibt sich die Stelle auf. Mit einer Feinhaarbürste, auf keinen Fall Metall, lassen sich die feinen Fasern bei Hüten wieder aufrichten.

all about your head

Wrap a tape measure or a piece of string (if you use string, you'll need a ruler as well) around your head so that it is above your eyebrows and a 1cm / half and inch above your ears.

No need to pull too tight - remember you want your hat to be comfy! Follow the size guide below to help determine your size. 

There are some slight variations in size depending on the fabric used for the hat - thicker materials mean the hat fit will be a bit tighter and thin fabrics a bit touch looser


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