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Kakadu Australia Outdoor Wildlederhut Geelong Outback

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A great spirit needs a high crown ... The Kakadu Australia Geelong is made of suede with a high crown and of course curved clamp. FÜR A good air circulation ensures three ventilation holes in the block. The chin bands are located inside. The hat band is from a 3-strand braided leather strap in a hat color. Sun protection UPF 50+.

The leather protects in any weather | When the hat has gotten wet, the leather then dab dry with a cloth and let the hat dry in the air | Leather wants to be used, the more often the better | The natural walk process that is given with frequent use keeps the leather soft and smooth.

Leather is a natural product, breathable to a certain extent water -repellent. The leather wants to be maintained with good oil, wax or impregnation spray. A hat never belongs to the heating, sunshine in the car or on the window seat on the south side.
  • Just like a good shoe, your hat adapts to you, it becomes smoother, gets the signs of wear that are common for you (Krempenliftter or hat block rabbit). Scratches and bumps are characteristic.
  • Hutblock height: approx. 10.5 cm
  • Width width: approx. 8 cm


    • Material: 100% leather

    • Kakadu hats or as we often call them mates (buddy)- come in all possible colors and shapes, so we are sure that the right thing is also for you!

    • But let's start from the beginning. Before we choose something, we certainly make that the hat also fits. After all, he should sit comfortably.

    • Take a tape or a stable thread and put it around your head so that it lies over the eyebrows and about 1 cm above the ears. Under no circumstances pull the tape too tight, remember, the hat should sit comfortably.
    • Size S: 55 cm, M: 57 cm, L: 59 cm, XL: 61 cm, XXL: 63 cm
  • Australien Style Allwetter Hut aus Wildleder. Der perfekte Begleiter beim Wandern, Camping, Grillen & Angeln oder am Strand. Wetterfest mit hohem Sonnenschutzfaktor