Kakadu Traders Kangaroo Leather Hat Southern Cross, made in Australia

  • The Southern Cross, named after the design of the ventilation eyelets, is an ultralight hat that is crushable yet durable. The softness of the leather means that the lowered pinched crown will slip comfortably on, the medium brim and UPF 50+ rated fabric means that you'll be protected in the sun and the built-in chinstrap facility means you can add a little security if the wind picks up.

    Fabric type: Roo Suede

  • Sizes:    

    Please be aware that hats made from thicker leathers usually run smaller and hats made from thinner leathers are generally considered full fitting.


  • Understanding the Roo
    There are over 100 different species of kangaroo in Australia, none of which can be farmed, and with the larger herds consisting predominantly of the Reds and Greys. The government permits only licensed hunters under strict supervision to cull these herds and only in overpopulated areas. Kangaroo leather is renowned for its tensile strength and ultra lightweight. As all kangaroos are from the wild, scarring on the leather is characteristic.

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