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Outdoor | Leisure | Cargo shorts- short pants robust with many pockets

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Kakadu Traders Cargo Shorts, now it can be summer!

Great weather outside! Time for our cargo shorts. Provide both legs with sufficient pockets so that you do not have to do without anything. Made of durable canvas, the summer can remain! The waistband is specified in Inches. Available up to size 5xl.

Size 30: 76.5 cm- 32: 81.5 cm- 34: 86.5 cm- 36: 91.5 cm- 38: 96.5 cm- 40: 101.5 cm- 42: 106.5 cm- 44: 111.5 cm

  • Gunn-Worn- worn, worn out

    Originally, this type of washing was created for clothing that had to withstand externally hard conditions. Used classically of workers from the outdoor areas such as construction and assembly, truckers, field workers and mining workers. The color is stored deep into the tissue in this type of washing. Since it is mostly very heavy denimware, from 10 oz or 280 gr. There is the desired irregularity in the color image, which continues to continue with normal house washing. Often this type of washing is also referred to as an antique finish or antique look, since the products are deliberately removed and look old.

    In general, it is advisable to spin the clothing at all or only with a low revolution. The mechanics of the machine ensures that the unsightly stripes in the clothing can arise.

  • Material: 100% cotton

    About the material: The towels are all made from carded cotton. Cardiac yarn is a high quality feature. It stands for the process in the unknown but good three -cylinder yarn from long -starked cotton threads, washed with the help of a card and freed from contaminants. The end result is a fleece material, which is then processed into the actual cotton cloth. This cotton has a high quality standard.