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Kakadu Australia Walkabout Creek Crossbag leg bag in ghost gum brown

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The country needs new bags!

Our newest growth is a small all -rounder.

The Walkabout Creek shoulder bag can be worn as a cross bag, leg bag and belt bag. Of course, carabiners, eyelets and straps for all events are there.

Zipper bag on the back approx. 18x15 cm. The same size is then on the front.

An attached zipper pocket 18x13x4 cm

And last but not least, 12x12x3 cm bag with a stable belt closure.

Bag is made of soft cowhide in black or antique brown and has a checkered inner lining.

Walk for everything, dog geckerlie such as INTACTIONS or when strolling out for lipstick and cell phone!

Due to the leg belt, also perfectly on the bike, nothing is lost and papers and money are safely kept.

Material: 100% leather, inner lining: 100% cotton