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Oil and leather care colorless for clothing and leather goods such as hats and shoes, upholstery and more

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✅ Natural beeswax and Carnauba - oil stuff and leather balm with beeswax and Carnauba. The balm of moisture maintains and donates for the highest demands. Optimal protection for leather and oil stuff products. Wax care has a refreshing, color -refreshing and water -repellent, impregnating and dirt -repellent. The material remains breathable and supple. It smells pleasant and unobtrusive, moves in quickly and can be distributed and applied evenly.


✅ Protection and care - it maintains and seals oil stuff clothing, motorcycle pants and jackets leather jackets, leather furniture, leather shoes and leather bags and hats. The leather becomes soft and supple. By using natural beeswax and Carnauba, it is particularly suitable as a leather polish or leather care for smooth leather of all kinds and is free of resin and acidity.


✅ Color refresher and cleaning - our care wax is ideal for all smooth leather products and wax jackets. As a color refreshment and for the care of hats, bags or shoes for all clothing leather or car leather. You can use this leather fat to clean the leather cleaning with coarse pollution of shoes, hats, bags and dogs and horse accessories as well as general care. Do not apply to Nubuk, Velor, Alcantara, Wild and Rau leather.


✅Made in Austria - the leather fat protects leather hats, leather clothing and oil stuff from fading, drying out, cracking and sustainable the lifespan of the cotton and smooth leather.


Our robust also need a bit of care 6000 kilometers across the outback- it is time for a bit of care ...

Depending on how much you have claimed your favorite, you will find that one or the other area, such as shoulder, elbows or other rubbing areas, needs care. If water gets through somewhere, then we have time for our microwax. The microwax can either be applied directly, then use a hair dryer to dry up a blow-dry or beforehand, e.g. on the heating and liquid.

Then let the clothing dry out well.

size: 150 ml

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