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Organic-certified body soap hand soap with herbal charcoal and sound refined-vegan and free of animal experiments

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With coal we know each other in the pot!


This good Piece is a fantastic combination of the finest coal and sound.

White and green tone the are known for their healing and cell regenerating properties, in synergy with essential oils made of tea tree and niaouli the best ally for your skin when they tend to impurities, blueprints and small pimples.

The mixed sweet almond oil calms and relieves irritation and itching.

Thanks to its content of antioxidants, grape seed oil looks against the first signs of skin aging.

Ingredients: Vegetable Charcoal, whiter and greener volume

Composition: olive oil, coconut oil* shea butter* castor oil* grape seed oil* sweet almond oil* vegetable charcoal white tone* green tone* tea tree he, niaouli he* petitgrain*, grapefruit eo*.

*Ingredients from organic cultivation. Organic certified.

Made in France