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Australian leather car made of cowhide, including chin band waterproof with high UV protection for boys and girls

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✅Wind and weather - all -weather cowboy lederhut for children. The strong leather protects the hat with an impregnant wax.

✅Kinnband included - to prevent the hat from flying away in the wind, the hat band is directly included here. Self -adhesive inner ligament for the optimal size adjustment is included.

✅Sun protection factor UPF 50+ - With a clamping width of approx. 8 cm and a bloc of approx. 10 cm, not only the head is optimally protected from high sunlight. With ventilation soles in the hat Block for optimal air circulation. The perfect companion for hiking, camping, grilling & fishing or on the beach.

✅Optimal size -CA. 54 cm, suitable for girls and boys, ideal head protection or as a cladding in carnival, carnival or simply playing.

Material: 100% leather

But now in the outback.

The outdoor -compatible Lederhut Echuca for children in brown, tobacco and black. Made of a gripy cowhide, with curved clamp and medium hatch height. Ventilation soles on the right and left, ensure sufficient air circulation. Eases for the chin tape are located inside. As a hat band, we took a braided leather band.

The ideal companion in the park on the playground, as sun protection while hiking or on the beach- short for all outdoor activities.

The strong leather protects in any weather | When the hat has gotten wet, the leather then rub dry with a cloth and let the hat dry in the air | Leather wants to be used, the more often the better | The natural walk process that is given with frequent use keeps the leather soft and smooth.

Leather is a natural product, breathable to a certain extent water -repellent. The leather wants to be maintained with a good oil, wax or impregnator spray. A hat never belongs to the heating, sunshine in the car or on the window seat on the south side. Just like a good shoe, your hat adapts to you, it becomes smoother, gets the signs of wear that are common for you (Krempenliftter or hat block rabbit). Scratches and bumps are characteristic. If we go through something at the last check before the hat comes to you, and you have the feeling that your product is faulty, call us or write an email. We always take care of the matter and find a solution.

Kakadu hats or as we often call them mates (buddy)- come in all possible colors and shapes, so we are sure that the right thing is also for you!
But let's start from the beginning.
Before we choose something, we certainly make that the hat also fits. After all, he should sit comfortably. Take a tape or a stable thread and put it around your head so that it lies over the eyebrows and about 1 cm above the ears. Under no circumstances pull the tape too tight, remember, the hat should sit comfortably. Then follow the size table to determine your correct size. Very important, all of our hats are made by hand and can also vary within the size, in addition there is the material thickness of the leather. If you are unsure, in case of doubt, call us or write an email, pass through your measure and we measure your hat before we send it to you.

Robuster Allwetter Hut aus kräftigem Leder. Der perfekte Begleiter auf dem Spielplatz, am Strand oder beim Wandern.